Jordan has owned his truck since December 2015 and started modifying it with parts from many other vehicles. He has a lot of custom fabrication that’s been put into the car and modding for 8 years of his life.

I’ve been following Jordan’s build over the years and I have to say I remember all these ideas and he actually made them into a reality. The dedication he has to this car is absolutely infectious. It’s not perfect and that’s why I love it. You can tell it has history and a story when you stare at all the different modifications and soul poured into it.

He’s done a ton of custom work and a lot of Frankenstein-level shit. I mean he’s got Infiniti Axles, 4Runner Radiator, IS300 Brake Booster Delete, 350z Side Splitters, Custom Hood, 300zx Turbo Dual Calipers, and way way way more!

His modifications list is very impressive and the fact he’s done the work himself is even more awesome. Check out his pics below and feel very special we are able to bring you this awesome project! It’s still in progress but man is it awesome!

Vehicle Modifications

Current Mod | Planned Mod
  • 3SGE Beams Blacktop
  • Custom Log Turbo Manifold
  • Garrett GT3071R
  • Mishimoto 180° Oil Thermostat
  • ColorFittings -AN Fittings
  • Mishimoto 16" Race Fan
  • 4Runner 3Row Radiator
  • Custom Aluminum Radiator Fan Shroud
  • Derale Oil Cooler
  • JDMsport Intercooler
  • 2.5" Intercooler Piping
  • 45mm Gen5 TurboSmart Wastegate
  • Custom Dump Tube
  • Home Made Hood Vents
  • Aero Hood Latches
  • IS300 Brake Booster Delete
  • WeldSpeed Intake Manifold
  • ATPower 80mm Throttle Body
  • Flex Fuel (Pump/e85)
  • Custom Upper Control Arms
  • StabFab 1976 Mustang Rack & Pinion Kit
  • 1994 4Runner Steering Column
  • 1000cc Injectors
  • Deatschwerks 350 Fuel Pump
  • 20Gal Ebay Fuel Cell
  • Speedway 8.5" Fuel Sending Unit
  • Earls e85 10 Micron Fuel Filter
  • Hyperfuels EFI FPR
  • 2014 Volvo S40 Electric Hydraulic Power Steering Pump
  • Derale Power Steering Cooler with fan
  • Custom Coilover Mounts
  • v6 4Runner Grill
  • 4x4 4Runner Valance
  • 4Runner Solid Bumper
  • 2003 Nissan 350z Side Splitters
  • 2001 Corolla Coil Packs
  • DapperLighting 6x7 Headlights
  • 1997 4Runner Dash Cap
  • GlowShift Gas Level Gauge
  • Voswitch Switch Panel
  • Link ECU Street Cluster
  • GKTECH Reverse Mounted Hydro E-Brake
  • Tucked Brake & Clutch Lines
  • NRG Bucket Seats
  • Racequip Harness
  • Battery Relocation
  • Silverado Bedlights as Underglow
  • NRG RaceHub
  • NRG Quick Release
  • DND Steering Wheel
  • Home made Steering wheel hanger
  • Home made diffuser
  • Home made tail lights
  • Tubed rear chassis
  • 1989 Nissan 240sx rear end
  • Custom cantilever suspension
  • r200 VLSD diff
  • 1993 Infiniti J30 Axles
  • 1993 Nissan 300zx Turbo Dual Calipers
  • Chevy S10 Tonneau Cover
  • Voodoo13 Titanium Arms
  • Custom Bed Shock Mounts
  • Custom Hood Shock Mounts
  • Link Monsoon G4X ECU
  • MyWireShop Engine Harness
  • UnrivaledTuning Tune
  • 15x10 Vision Wheels
  • 205/50 Federal RS-Pro & RS-RR tires
  • AVS Wind Deflectors
  • HomeMade Tucked Chassis Harness
  • 5 Panel Wink Mirror
  • Welded-in Harness Bar
  • 6 Ton Sparco Tow Strap Hidden inside the bumper, easily exposed for towing.
  • ClutchMaster Twin Disk Clutch
  • Modified Knuckles

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