Drift4Epilepsy is Motivating People to Break Free From Limitations

Victor Escobar created Drift4Epilepsy in 2017 to inspire and motivate people with Epilepsy and Cancer. For every person with epilepsy or cancer, there is a story of struggle and limitation.

You can read Victor’s story below and we hope you feel as empowered as we have!

Drift4epilepsy was founded to help these individuals find relief through automotive expression – we wanted our company not only to impact those who suffer but also to inspire others around them by showing people can be successful no matter what limitations they face! As someone with Epilepsy, I felt limited for a very long time.

Victor Escobar

What helped me stand up and be an influencer are the people I met who tell me they get inspired by my story, or my company or my builds, etc and it’s an amazing feeling. I am a one-man army, social media is all ran by me, designs have been done by me with help from my sister as well.

I learned to work on my own car with help of many friends I have met along the way. This journey has been nothing but an amazing one and my overall goal are to inspire anyone like me. We struggle and work very hard for every part we buy, living check to check to invest in our builds and company. We even started a vlog series to show everyone that we don’t come from wealthy or big families and that nothing can stop our goal of inspiring the world and fellow car enthusiasts who have either been in this game for a while or are deciding to start building cars.

Nothing is impossible just work hard and never give up and that is the message we are trying to spread. Our hard work is finally paying off with two recent sponsorships we have gotten, one with Jackson Performance and another with Woodies Sunglasses.

I hope to keep meeting new people and if I can motivate and inspire a fraction of the people I meet, I don’t need the money or fame for success just motivating and inspiring you would suffice as my success 🀟🏽🐼🀟🏽

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