A fully built 1991 Toyota MR2 with perfection in every detail. A true modern classic.

Anthony Hegeman has collected many cars over the years and this is just one of his beautiful projects. This is a very rare and one-of-a-kind red Toyota MR2. He’s owned a total of six Toyota MR2s. This specific car has been in his possession for the last three years.

Everything on the car has been either custom-made or modified for that perfect fitment. Dedicating many years of blood, sweat, and tears to this beautiful machine. This is one Toyota MR2 he may hold on to.

Being an automotive enthusiast his whole life, Anthony has wanted an MR2 since high school. The uniqueness and overall show-stopping appeal that everyone loves about these cars.

Anthony also resells these beauties to respective new owners. So if you’re in the market I’d look him up! He can do all the dirty work and make it worthwhile.

“I buy them, fix them up, get them running well, get them inspection ready, and resold to perspective buyers.”

Anthony Hegeman
Anthony Hegeman’s 1991 Toyota MR2. 5SFE NA swapped to a JDM 4th Gen 3SGTE Engine and a JDM E153 LSD Trans.

Other enthusiasts drooled over this beautiful MR2. We were extremely lucky to have a fellow pop-up light lover – a Mazda Miata – at one of our local meets.

One of the greatest things about how well this vehicle is put together is the color matching and customized fiberglass body panels. Painting fiberglass versus bare metal is always extremely challenging. The way Anthony Thomas put this thing together was really detailed and thoughtful. Highly appreciated the time taken to create such a beautiful end result.

A very well-balanced beauty and beast

There will be no shortage of camera shots and stares when this MR2 rolls up to a show or meet. Everyone gawks and jaws drop. This is what being an enthusiast is all about, inspiring others to do more with their ride!

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