Jeremiah Grumbling’s ’16 WRX is an absolute masterpiece and he’s the artist.

Starting in high school, Jeremiah’s passion for cars only grew over the years. He recalls as a teenager he’d definitely own a Subaru, one day, and worked hard to achieve his dreams. Now a proud owner of this heavily modified 2016 Subaru WRX Base.

The whole car is wrapped in a gorgeous Chameleon Gloss Gray. There are so many details that stand out right away which make this car so fun to look at, especially during events.

“I picked this version of the Subaru WRX because I have wanted one ever since I laid eyes on the bugeye back in high school. I remember telling myself that “One day, I will have one and I will make it unique and my own!”

Jeremiah Grumbling

“Years passed, as did the cars I owned. Before the WRX I had a 2011 Volkswagen Jetta TDI. The diesel scandal happened and they bought back my car. I knew right then and there that it was a sign for me to get my WRX.”

I looked for weeks until I came across mine in a Facebook ad for sale at a car lot in Wooster, OH.

Jeremiah Grumbling

His car makes about 480WHP which is pretty damn good for the current setup. Adding more mods in the future such as: Dual Walboro 450 Pumps, 1300cc Injectors, Motec ECU, and an STI Transmission Swap.

There is such a unique flavor to Jeremiah’s car that you can’t help but be excited while staring at it. He recalls the day he got the car and how much it impacted him, the time & money he’s invested, truly dedicated to his build.

“I drove all the way up there and loved the car as soon as I laid eyes on it. It was lightning red and all stock. After I bought it, I had the bug to mod. It took me 4 years to get it to where the car is today.”

“I have gone through several performance mod swaps, two different wraps, and now a fully built long block with a big boy turbo.”

“This car is a part of me, when I see my car, I see me. This is how I can express myself in a positive manner. I have met many friends along the way because of my car and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

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Vehicle Modifications

Current Mod | Planned Mod
  • Off The Line Performance Coil Packs
  • IAG Competition AOS
  • Grimmspeed 3 Port EBCS
  • Omni 5 Bar MAP
  • Killer B Oil Pickup
  • Nostrum High Pressure Fuel Pump
  • Cobb Low Pressure Fuel Gauge
  • Clutch Masters Twin Disc Clutch
  • Tomei Expreme Ti Exhaust
  • Mishimoto Radiator Hoses
  • COBB Flex Fuel Kit
  • KOYO Radiator
  • Tial Q BOV
  • Dual tial 38mm EWG 11 psi springs
  • Bee hive springs
  • Titanium clips
  • IBR brz intake manifold
  • IBR full TGV deletes
  • Soku EGR delete
  • Precision turbo gen 2 5862
  • ETS fury kit
  • ETS cold air intake
  • ETS Tubular Header
  • ETS Catless J Pipe
  • GSC titanium valves
  • CP pistons 10.6/1
  • Carrillo rods
  • CP pistons 10.6/1
  • Arp 1/2” head studs and case bolts
  • King race bearings
  • Outfront motorsports closed deck block
  • AEM 340 Fuel Pump
  • AEM x2 a/f gauge
  • AEM x2 oil pressure gauge
  • STI center shifter console
  • Morimoto RGB c lights and halos
  • Airlift performance air ride kit
  • Subispeed v1 tail lights
  • Seibon CF Fender caps
  • Seibon carbon fiber hood
  • 225/35/18 federal tires
  • Cosmis R1 18x9.5 wheels powder coated illusion purple
  • Evil Subie Custom rear diffuser
  • Bayson R side skirts
  • Bayson R front lip
  • Hexis chameleon gloss gray wrap
  • 2018 multifunction display
  • Radium hanger with dual walboro 450 pumps
  • 1300cc injectors for port injection
  • motec ecu
  • STI trans swap

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