Drew Haynes DOPE Scion TC Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Drew has been around cars all his life, from wrenching on them with his dad to going to the races at Englishtown Dragway. He always wanted do build his own car so when it presented itself for him to buy one, he bought a Scion TC, all original, just as something that could get him back and forth between automotive school – until then there were no plans to modify it, but now its got so much it’s not the same car!

The driving force to push the car to the point it’s at now was when everyone would tell me “its just a scion tc”. I wanted to be different. I wanted it to be “out of the norm”. I knew it would be a challenge, and it was. But I’ve overcome all the challenges and made it to the beast it is today.

Drew Haynes

The impressive mod list on this vehicle and all the custom fabrication has blown our minds, here at 24/7. We love the fact that Drew took all of the hate and used it as fuel, like E85, to push his build through creativity and passion to the point it’s at today.

We had the pleasure to see this beast first-hand and I’ve gotta say it is a crowd-pleaser beyond measure. Drew deserves to be in a VIP slot at every event because the amount of traffic this build brings is just amazing. One day he took it to just a regular old meet and we got shots of people swarming his car, that engine bay pops and everyone’s jaws drop. So much time and effort put into this beauty.

A lot of the parts in this car are custom fabricated for the extreme fitment you see in the photos. You’ll find titanium, calico coatings, amazing welding, and gorgeous bright green accents.

Drew is planning to add a lot more to the project and has given us some insight into the plans – but we’re not about to spoil that – yet. You’ll have to check back on this article and see what’s up.


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Written by Jeremy Gruver

I hosted huge events for a while in 2000's and got out of the scene for a while. I'm back and realized things are not the same - we need a better community. 247 is trying to do just that, rebuild our culture, for everyone to enjoy.



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