Dave Billig’s Built MINI Cooper S Runs 400hp

Dave grew up around engines and he was always taking things apart, putting them together, and generally making a huge mess, but getting them to run better than ever before. He’d tinker with so many different types of engines it created his love, and hate, for all types of fuel-powered projects over the years. When he was younger he started tinkering with bigger and bigger toys, from go-karts to dirt bikes and riding mowers.

Fast forward to today and you’ll see the awesome support from his family; Jen his wife and their two daughters Alisa and Chelsea. Dave has built an amazing Mini Cooper S up to 400HP, now that’s not the exact dyno but when you read those mods, we think you’ll definitely agree he’s right.

As a kid I always loved working on anything I could get my hands on, from dirt bikes, go-karts and most importantly cars! The wildest thing I have ever built was my 50mph twin cylinder riding lawnmower, when I was 15 years old. This Mini Cooper S is by far one of the best things I’ve built – I bought it for just $450!

Dave Billigs

His built engine and internals are amazing. Changing the factory paint job to a more aggressive and gorgeous Ford ME color. He upgraded the rods, pistons, heads, crank, cam, turbo, wastegate, fuel system, tune, and so so much more. It’s an engineering beauty.

Scroll through the gallery below for all of his modifications, stock shots, and the process on his build.


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Written by Jeremy Gruver

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