Billy purchased his Ford Focus RS back in June 2020. He’s only had the Focus RS a little over a year. This is the first car he’s started to actually modify with performance parts. We asked Billy to tell us his story and how he got into cars.

His Focus RS has quite a few cool mods done to it and we’re impressed how well it all comes together. A lot of people have told me this car is really clean and sounds amazing in person. It’s a head-turner, for sure.

One of our personal favorites about this car is the rear-end. The taillights really accent the way it looks and definitely makes it stand out from other Focus RS we’ve seen before.

Continue reading below for more on Billy’s story, check out his supporters, and enjoy another enthusiast’s build-in-progress.

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My father is the real car guy. He has been a mechanic since before I was born, so cars were always pretty prominent in my life. Car shows, drag strips, and of course many days at the garage. Even though I would help occasionally (You know, “hand me that wrench. No not that wrench… No not that wrench… THAT wrench”) I never got into auto repair, but I always appreciated a well-built car.

Billy Totten

I loved music, so after I got my first car, I bought a new stereo and some subwoofers. He showed me how to install them and after that, I was doing that for everyone I knew. I was the kid where my audio setup was likely worth more than my car. I’ve been installing stereos and electronics in cars since before I could drive. I had not leaped into performance upgrades or appearance modifications until I bought this car.

Fast forward a few cars and my first new car was an ’07 Mazdaspeed3. Boosted and sporty, it got me interesting in the performance aspect. I had that one for 11 years, and although I never modified it I knew my next car couldn’t be ordinary. It took me a while to find something that I thought would be as fun to drive as the Mazda. When I saw the Focus RS and checked out the specs I knew that would do it. When I found one in the area I jumped on it. There were a few things done to it so after I bought it that made it easier to continue modifying. The ice was already broken. My first modification on the car was the taillights and as soon as they were in, I was hooked. From that point on I haven’t stopped looking for ways to improve looks and performance.

Having a relatively high-end car also made me start looking into the car scene. Showing up to meets alone not knowing anyone was a bit awkward. I went to a few meets and wandered around. I stood by my car for a while, like the kid that went to the dance without a date. I reached out to Jason, the President of Realistic Dreamz, on Instagram and explained that I was looking for some people to go to meets with. He let me know when things were happening and we all drove out together. Soon after, they invited me to join, now meets and shows are a regular thing. They are where I feel like I belong.

… And that’s where the story is so far. My wish list is longer than my mod list, so it’s still being written.

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Vehicle Modifications

Current Mod | Planned Mod
  • Custom Painted Hood
  • Custom Painted Spoiler
  • Custom Painted Roof
  • Boomba Blow Off Valve
  • MBRP Stainless Cat-Back Exhaust
  • K40 Radar Detector
  • Cobb high-flow air filter
  • Cobb Accessport w/Stage 1 93oct tune
  • 5000w Planet Audio Amplifier
  • 2x 12" Pioneer Premier 3000w Subwoofers
  • Drilled/Slotted Rotors
  • SpecD Black Tail Lights
  • ZL1 Rock Guards
  • Velossa Tech Big Mouth Ram Air Intake
  • Mountune Induction Kit
  • Sequential mirror blinkers
  • Rear Window Louvers
  • AVS Rain Guards

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