This thing HAULS ASS and doesn’t stop to take names

We had the chance to talk to this beast’s owner, Anthony Vence. The parts on this Trackhawk are absolutely awesome. Love how mean and fast it looks!

His Trackhawk is definitely a beast and he’s been working on his Trackhawk through TNA Motorsports. Anthony has been making sure that all his mods increase his chances at hitting that world record. Currently, he’s running the stock blower and hitting a 9.75 in the quarter-mile.

TNA Motorsports has built this thing really damn well. Furthermore, new parts are going in soon, which should turn Anthony’s Trackhawk into way more than just a rocket – can’t wait to see it lift off – figuratively speaking.

Wishing him luck in shattering more records in the process!

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Vehicle Modifications

Current Mod | Planned Mod
  • 180 Thermostat
  • 2.75 Griptec Pulley
  • 6.2 VVT Hemi 1516 PSI Beehive Valve Spring Kit
  • 422 MMX Stroker Kit & Cam by Byron Walker
  • American racing supercharger tensioner
  • APR Head Studs With Oversized Washers
  • APR Main Studs
  • ATI 10% Damper, Double Pinned
  • Billet Technology Catch Can
  • Brisk Racing Plugs
  • Bwoody Anti-Slip Idler Pulley
  • Bwoody Rear Diff Brace
  • Bwoody Suspension Links
  • Calico rod bearings
  • Coated Rod Bearings And Premium Main Bearings353
  • Cometic head gaskets
  • Comp cams phaser lock
  • Custom 1 Off Carbon Fiber Wheel And Shifter And Grill Rings
  • Diamond Like Coating Tool Steel Pin Upgrade 300
  • Diamond Like Coating Tool Steel Pin Upgrade 300
  • E85 Tune
  • Eibach Sway Bar
  • F.A.S. motorsports ported blower snout billet bearing plate and low friction bearings
  • Fi interchiller blower spacers and thermal blanket
  • FI Interchiller stage 2 race kit
  • Fore Inovations triple pump regulated return fuel system
  • Gates K100586
  • GForce Renegade Axles $1600
  • Granetelli Billet Thermostat Housing
  • Injector Dynamics 1050x 1300 Injectors
  • Kong performance 108mm throttle body
  • Livernois PCM Unlock
  • LegMaker Intake
  • Mahle pistons
  • Manley race master intake and exhaust valves
  • Manton/mmx hardened pushrods
  • Metco supercharger billet idler pullies
  • Molnar crank
  • Molnar rods
  • Mopar main bearings
  • Nitrous Express Single Stage w/maximizer controller & gauge
  • Nitrous Outlet Throttle Body Through Plate
  • PSI valve springs and billet retainers
  • Solo performance cat-back exhaust
  • Stainless Works 1 7/8 Headers W/Catless Mids
  • Stanke motorsports piston oil squirter plugs
  • Stanke motorsports rocker rail supports and rocker arm lock collars
  • Stock diffs
  • Stock tcase
  • Stock trans
  • Stroker Windage Tray 140
  • Valve Cover Breather
  • Trend.116 Wall CNC Manton Premium Pushrods
  • Zpe griptec 2.65 blower pulley

Awards & Records

Record | Award
  • Fastest Trackhawk Blower Only / 9.75 @ Quarter Mile

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