Angel Designz Brings Your Car to Life in AMAZING ART and Video

We had a chance to interview Angel Designz and learn more about what got him started. It’s a story that he doesn’t tell lightly and he hopes it will inspire others to keep chasing their dreams. Never give up on yourself and keep going with your passion. Don’t give up. Here are the accounts of his story you can read below.

Check out these awesome photos and videos he’s done… Absolutely EPIC.

Angel Designz started around 2016, I always loved computer graphics but at the time it started my life was going to fall apart. So in 2015 while pregnant with a child that would be born premature and only live for three months after coming into this world–I found myself working on scaffolding up high during night-time hours because we didn’t have enough money coming from anywhere. It felt unfair how everything seemed so out of reach even though there were people below us who needed help too!

Around 2018, without reasoning, the stair company told me that I was let go. I started to feel like my world was ending. I tried to get another job and received false hope with no calls back. Days and months went by as I started to lose happiness. I felt like I was going nowhere, I’d look at my son and cried not knowing what else to do.

I used to look for coins under the couch so I could buy my son a donut, every morning before he went to school. He would tell me, “Dad, I’m hungry.” or, “Dad, I want a toy.” and I didn’t know how to tell him we had no money to get him those things. Days were passing by and times were getting dark. I felt unwanted, lost, and didn’t feel like I was worth anything in life.

I started looking for an easy way out. Can you imagine that pain? Feeling like life isn’t going anywhere, but my son needed me and I realized I needed him so much more. By 2019 I started to realize how bad my life was and decided to check out a local car meet.

Then, I saw this beautiful woman, I was so grateful when I saw her, I felt like knowing everything I could about her and we started talking. She is now my girlfriend. Every day we would talk and fall more in love. I explained to her how my life was and she told me, “It doesn’t matter how life is or how broke you are, I will care for you no matter what.”

She asked me about Angel Designz and I told her I didn’t want to go back to doing graphics, it wasn’t going anywhere. BUT, the very next day I made an account again on Instagram and from there I started doing car animations. I had no clue how I was going to make the car move or like it was driving, but days passed and I found the right animations.

A couple of members from Battlegang messaged me on Instagram. So, I told my story, and I started to charge people for my art but deep down, it felt like no one was going to pay even a dollar for my work, but then 2 days later I reached 3,000 followers. I started getting more messages from more people and months passed, by the summer I reached 10k followers. I felt like my life was getting better and my art started to get better.

I had people around that time bringing me down, telling me to get a real job, and that I was going nowhere. Around 2020 I hit 16.5k followers and by 2021 I opened a TikTok, which then got me to over 20.1k on Instagram and over 45.6k on TikTok.

Today, Angel Designz is my full-time job. Ever since this business was started my life has changed. My son isn’t hungry, my anxiety and pain is gone, and I hug my son and tell him we made it proudly. I will never stop feeling this hope and will keep building Angel Designz bigger and better. I am so thankful for my Girlfriend never giving up on me and always pushing me down the right path.

My life went from nothing to something. If you invite the right people into your life you will see changes.I hope to one day tell my story in front of a camera. Thank you so much to those who support my work and thank you to 24/7 Modified for letting me tell my story.

I know it’s long and not very happy at parts but I wanted to tell you all to never give up. Put the right people in your life to see a change in your own life. I used to have friends who would doubt
Me and laugh at me because I had nothing. I pushed them away and focused on myself, my child, and inviting the right people into my life.

Don’t try to fit in with others who don’t care, follow your own path. This is my story and I’m not ashamed to tell it! ✌????❤️


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Written by Jeremy Gruver

I hosted huge events for a while in 2000's and got out of the scene for a while. I'm back and realized things are not the same - we need a better community. 247 is trying to do just that, rebuild our culture, for everyone to enjoy.


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