What is 24/7 Modified?

We're a network, a community, and stand for those who share our passion as enthusiasts. All respect, all the time.

The modified lifestyle is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
how did we start?

In 2015 we established the name

My name is Jeremy, I created the name because I couldn’t think of anything that described how an enthusiast thought. Live, Eat, Sleep, Breathe; Cars. We do all of that, 24/7. 

the dawn of a lot of names

In 2016 we established branding

After screwing around for about 6 months, I finally created the branding and Facebook page. Then life happened, for some reason, I wasn’t happy with the name and kept changing it. Love of Autos was the other name I was also using at the time.

things finally exploded

A post that changed it all in 2016

We partnered up with the artist Vaydr and got rights to use his song in a video mashup we worked on. It exploded into exposure and about 30k impressions. Not huge, but for us it was pretty cool at the time.

Watch the Video Here

let's fast forward time now

It's 2021 and we're back

After finally getting back into the car community and seeing the trends, the hatred, and all of the bullying we’ve decided now is a good time to make a comeback. 

The community wasn’t created to hate or disrespect others.

It was started to bring people together. That is what we’ll do.